4 Ways you can Take Action to Upgrade, Outsource or Improve your Work Life Today

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

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Today we’re featuring a quick hit list you can use to examine where you are at, what you need to strategically take advantage of or what you can ditch to make moves quick. Improve where you’re at or make a change - either way, take back your Work Life today.

#1 Compensation

Can you, today, or in the extreme near future change your compensation outlay for the next 1 – 3 years? Best case scenario - can you do this without increasing your workload above where you are already at? Hard to do in today's times, but if so, this can change your situation more than a little. Are you able to shop your resume to leverage a competitor offer? The sense of appreciation you’d feel by being rewarded at a higher level will improve your confidence beyond what it already is, as well as help you be able to afford something additional that can change your home, church or gym life (membership to something fun you’d not normally sign up for, etc.). If working to negotiate that YE comp, think about what just a 5% bigger bonus could mean to your family - but you have to ask the question. If employed, in that corporate setting, consider leveraging the performance evaluation period we’re entering at this time and begin to itemize the contributions you’ve made specifically this year. In your review, prepare to bring a summary of your growth in terms of how you’ve impacted the work group, and what you expect next year to bring in terms of the bottom line. Don’t stop short of asking when you get your chance, (shoot your shot!) – comp for next year is being determined right now. If self-employed, are you able to increase your hourly, piece or project rate? Have things risen to the point where you need to start to consider charging for the complimentary visit, setup or origination fee that you’ve been waiving to put yourself ahead of your rivals? Shop your competition first, or at least be sure to revisit your value proposition to ensure it comes through when your repeat customers ask about renewal. Practice or it won’t come off right, ensure you’re able to articulate how they’re continuing to get you as their provider (you're the best in your field!) based on what makes you singularly unique.

#2 Licenses & Certifications

Can you acquire any additional accreditations that will improve your growth rate, ability to attract clients, provide greater visibility in your industry marketplace, or improve your marketing? If you have the ability to take on just a bit more for a short period, that further signifies your accomplishment AND has a return on investment, even better. No one is saying you need more feathers in your cap. . .but putting yourself back in that learning frame of mind is incredibly healthy, gives you new outlook and allows you to contribute more to your clients, or your team. In this case, we’re not referring to honorary titles in the workplace (unless they supercharge your emotional energy, raise your runway, or heighten your social network within your place of business or industry!) no, this should ideally be something that no one can take away from you such as a license or even an employer-sponsored degree. For business owners out here – if you’re doing taxes, think about how notary services can supplement your business when tax season is over. If you’re already writing P&C policies, how much harder would it really be to break into Life? For Financial Advisors – look around, what does a CFP do for you? What about a 9 or a 10 for the leaders out there? Analysts, same for CFA, etc. If you already do gutters, can you throw in Christmas lights or de-mossing the roof? We could go on and on but leverage the season, education is priceless. Consider what the 10-year net benefits to you, just by staying in your industry alone, of learning a programming language or Mandarin, for example.

#3 Scale a Skill or Swiftly Streamline

Thirdly, can you acquire a skill to improve your ability to manage a workflow or streamline a process? You're looking for something better than just a "best practice" here. . .in this case I’m referring to a skill such as Excel – it’s not just a data-entry application. Excel, for example, is an output multiplier, even used at a level just above novice. There are countless output multipliers out there. Project managers, change managers and consultants in this field – you got to Green Belt now what? Where will Black Belt in Six Sigma take you? If you're in sales, sales management or performance management - does becoming proficient at Salesforce or it’s many add-ons such as Outreach start to ensure that you’re able to maximize your engagement of prospects or fortify your follow-up? For developers, contractors or anyone in the CS field are you limited by your knowledge of just “R?” Can you amp up your ability to model if you pick up Python as well, does the investment in yourself take you to a new level. What specifically about shifting from Kanban to Scrum methodology finally starts to make sense for you and your team? Final few things to consider to bring it home here, and these are for anyone at all - what will a Virtual Assistant do for you? How about offboarding a task on Fiverr or Upwork? Some of the above, while not skills, still test your skill in being able to use or leverage a resource, which is a skill nonetheless and no doubt creates a multiplier effect. There are simply too many to list!

#4 WorkLife

Lastly, what ABOUT that WorkLife of yours? If you can’t incrementally improve it using the tools and tips above, is it time to change it altogether. Only you know. You need to formulate a plan – don’t leap without so much as a look. Kicking off a side hustle can re-invigorate you, foster the dormant creative side of you that you’re not currently using but wish you were, while helping you learn interactive online tools and testing your ability to market (g’head give it a shot! no one’s as "good" at Instagram as they think they are unless their last name begins with K and ends in -ardashian). Incorporating to own rental properties would help you create future passive income streams while cash-flowing to change your current financial future, and easily help set something aside for both your progeny and legacy. You could be at a place where you need to start sewing a parachute, and there’s only one reason that you pack one; so look around you, what pathways, connections or talents do you have that you can leverage or exploit? If you’re considering doing something different, changing your future and beginning to live out your dream, then the future just started yesterday and you’re already a step behind. Don’t delay any longer! Seek out a guide, a Sherpa to climb the mountain you’re so intent on ascending. Stop over at https://www.abetterworklife.com/book-online to see how we at Work Life can help you, with simple Business Coaching or some basic Business Consulting.

- Matt Holmes

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