The Second Best Time for a Better Work Life is now.

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Sometime a few years back, into our collective consciousness, or zeitgeist, from the ether or somewhere beyond, there arrived the proposal that we all needed a better work life balance. What we had was a broken system that could be improved upon! Without sacrificing one for the sake of the other, it was purported that the scales could be balanced, that you can have it all - the work, the career arc, combined with the family, along with everything else that we'd once thought possible, romanticizing a simpler time gone by. No, we didn't have to let our families break down, much less follow the footsteps of our parents and grandparents who, in our cases literally, worked themselves to death. What a revelation! Work Life then wasn't discussed as one topic, it was only in reference to the "balance" of it all, that there was even-footing to be found on both sides of the equation, that SHOULD have led to fulfillment. I personally remember the first time this captured my imagination - and what an alluring appeal it had for someone who was (then) both a workaholic, and simultaneously, addicted to results.

Somewhere along the way, the narrative changed, and began to liken a belief in Work Life to harboring some long-disproven, "flat-earth" sort of thought. That a sensible Work Life was archaic in form and obsolete, that Work Life, after all, was nothing other than a myth. Work Life was also apparently now a process - likened to what they'd said about corporate leadership (juggling a lot of balls, lot of spinning plates in the air, etc.) rather than a destination or achievement that could be had. It morphed into some kind of a lifestyle choice that involved a mutually-exclusive trade off of priorities, or that you could never really have one and the other. I remember what it was then, to be an Achiever, and one day learn that there were no more departures to Club Work Life, the island was now closed apparently, (which was devastating), but, like others I chalked it up to the latest acceptance in the long tradition of eating sh*t sandwiches. What was sought all along could never actually have been had. What fools we were for having held out hope!

Then Covid-19 arrived.

Covid-19 changed the front-running thought landscape on the topic, and began, even without broad social approval from the Fortune 100 crowd, to democratize personal choice The pandemic helped clarify, if you will, people's understanding of the Work Life quandary. . .while providing an equalizer. This virus became an equalizer in the simple sense that while everyone has been effected differently, nonetheless everyone has surely been effected. The pandemic has further made one thing clear - all around folks are taking stock, assessing their contentment and their happiness quotient, sizing up their lot and station, and considering their current situation. Is it time for a change? Will making a move result in a better overall situation, all things considered? Or is it just broken thinking, and there's no possible way anyone's grass is any greener, no how, no chance, as though we were all just born the absolute best gardeners with only the greenest of thumbs. . .

At Work Life, a Washington State For Profit Corporation, we postulate that your Work and Life will IN FACT find their balance, whether you like it or not. One will balance the other - all scales finally come to rest. It's our summation that Work Life "balance" if you like, will (unfortunately in most cases?) find it's resting state - water finds it's level if you will.

What cost will it be that you, or your family, or your clients or co-workers or team ultimately pays? Will it be in your personal relationships, or with your business partners or creditors? What will give when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

Avoid a worst-case scenario and take charge, take control, success begins with a simple choice. And note that a choice is being made, make no mistake - you are choosing right now as you read this. The question is will you consciously choose something different, which brings an intoxicating anticipation, or, more of the same - which you know is hot garbage, but, safe in that it's predictable. If you are confident in your situation, no hesitation or pause - stop reading immediately and we're serious - you've already achieved your Work Life! And we couldn't be happier for your. If not; here's what you should do, especially if you fear you've lost perspective: Take action immediately so that you can maximize your next strategic opportunity or minimize a potential risk. Take the next step and contact us at Work Life at the earliest, so that we can help you evaluate where you stand and how to move you toward the next of the stage of the course you've charted.

We can help you! We can help you, your partners, co-founders, your team or your spouse, to find a better Work Life. We understand that work and life play off of each other, no question - it's simply our role to ensure that the balance is restored. After 15 years of consulting and interacting with all variety of business owners, we have listened - and we are finally able to help. People such as yourself have entrusted us to solve their business problems to buy back time, take a day off and even start to plan vacations. We have helped our clients, in some cases, be able to restore their physical, mental or spiritual health. We've assisted in limiting total work hours, reducing stress and burnout, and helped to delegate, offboard and outsource business tasks, with cost-efficiency at the forefront. Our objective is to ensure you have more time with your family, loved ones, be able to care for an aging parent, special-needs child, part-time income/side-business, rental portfolio, manage your blog, Instagram account, or just to be able to schedule date night (!), much less help to create a business succession plan. We've helped in ensuring on-time or early retirement. We further help business owners better understand strategic threats and common mistakes within their industry, as well as optimize or streamline workflows, offerings and campaigns, to ensure that your legacy passes on uninterrupted.

Come to Work Life for essential, fee-based business coaching, and as needed, data, analysis and optimization. Come partner with industry veterans with 15+ years of experience in business administration, having collectively advised thousands of clients along different arcs of the business ownership spectrum. Know your business! But better yet, put your trust in the hands of a team who rapidly can - thereby creating a gig team for agility, tacit strength, resilience and newfound positivity on whatever part of the business ownership spectrum and journey you find yourself upon as you read this. Leverage our expertise and offboard the strategic and/or tactical components of your firm so you can do best what you know how which is to deliver for your customers. Let me personally take something off your plate.

If you're just not ready to lead the life of your dreams and still have questions, definitely reach out in the Contact section. We can help you avoid common pitfalls towards creating a better Work Life, or how to help you get your side hustle off the ground. Inquire about, or return to the site to learn more about our Personal Coaching 101 - Path to Financial Freedom, coming in 2022.

Sign up for Coaching, Consulting or join our free Community, so we can tailor-fit encouragement and advice, step by step down the business ownership path. Change or take back your Work Life!

Taking action and matters into your own hands is like what they say about planting a tree. The best time to have started to improve your WorkLife was yesterday, last year or ten years ago. The second best time for a better WorkLife is now.

- Matt Holmes

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